Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bidvertiser: Earn Money with PPC

What is Bidvertiser?

Bidvertiser is like Google Adsense where you earn money and Monetize your Website or Blog with BidVertiser through a PPC (pay per click) program. Bidvertiser has very low entrance requirements so most sites and blogs should be approved. It also offers an affiliate program. So you can earn more money through ads in your blog. You can change the colors and fonts of your ads to make it blend with your blog color. You also can advertise on Bidvertiser but I believe you are not going to advertise because you (and me also) want to make money through blogging and not spend money right?

How you get paid?

You’ll get paid when your visitors click the ads from Bidvertiser. The amount for each click depends on the advertisers. Bidvertiser ads are almost like Google Adsense but with Bidvertiser, you only need to make $10 in order to be paid. You should aim for ways to get money fast. With Google Adsense, you must reach at least $100 to get paid which is hard. So Bidvertiser is the answer to your problem!


To those of you who want other alternative to earn money through PPC program, I recommend you to use Bidvertiser because the ads are almost like google ads. Earn $10 and you can cash out your money. Another quick way to earn money!

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